M.A. Hindi

M.A. Hindi is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on the study of Hindi language, literature, and related subjects. The course is designed to deepen the understanding of Hindi as a language, its literary traditions, cultural significance, and linguistic aspects.


Candidates must have completed their undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree) in any stream from a recognized university.


Programme OutCome

After completing an M.A. Hindi degree, graduates have various career options in both public and private sectors. Some potential career outcomes include:

  1. Teaching: Opportunities as Hindi language teachers in schools, colleges, and language institutes.
  2. Research: Pursuing research and academic careers in Hindi language and literature.
  3. Journalism: Writing and reporting in Hindi for newspapers, magazines, and online media.
  4. Publishing: Working with publishing houses as editors, content writers, or translators.
  5. Content Development: Creating content for television, radio, and digital media in Hindi.
  6. Translation: Working as a professional translator, translating texts from Hindi to other languages or vice versa.
  7. Civil Services: Appearing for competitive exams like UPSC for government job opportunities.
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