Certificate Courses

GNC Kaushal Centre

1Certificate Course in Business CorrespondenceDepartment of Business Management Studies (BMS)
2Certificate Course in English SpeakingDepartment of English
3Certificate Course in English CommunicationDepartment of English
4Add on Course – Diploma in AccountingDepartment of Accountancy and Finance (BAF)
5Certificate Course in Indian PolityDepartment of Political Science
6Certificate Course in Basic Computer SkillsDepartment of Mathematics
7Short Term Course on Field Technician and IT PeripheralDepartment of Information Technology
8Certificate Course in GurmukhiSikh Study Circle
9Certificate Course in Essential Career SkillsDepartment of Economics
10Certificate Course in Herbal CosmeticsDepartment of Botany
11Certificate Course in Spoken MarathiSikh Study Circle
12Certificate Course in Research MethodologyDepartment of Chemistry
13Certificate Course in Advance JavaDepartment of Information Technology
14Certificate Course in Soft SkillsDepartment of Chemistry
15Certificate Course in Travel & Tourism ManagementDepartment of Environmental Studies
16Certificate Course in Leadership and Management SkillsDepartment of Commerce
17Certificate Course in Technical AnalysisDepartment of Commerce
18Certificate Course in MS OfficeDepartment of Information Technology
19Certificate Course in Management and Soft Skills (TISS)Kaushal Center
20Banking and Financial Services CourseKaushal Center
21Certificate Course in TallyDepartment of Accountancy
22Certificate Course on Horticulture for BeginnersDepartment of Botany
23Certificate Course in Team Building 
24Certificate Course in Human RightsDepartment of Business Law
25Certificate Course in Science CommunicationDepartment of BAMMC
26Certificate Course in Front End DevelopmentDepartment of Information Technology
27Certificate Course in The Art of Story TellingDepartment of BAMMC
28Certificate Course in 8085 MicroprocessorDepartment of Physics
29Certificate Course in Cloud ComputingDepartment of Information Technology
30Certificate Course in ActingDepartment of BAMMC
31Export  and Import Management CourseKaushal Center
32Digital Marketing CourseKaushal Center
33Advanced Certification Course  in Accountancy and TaxationDepartment of Accountancy
34Certificate Course in Basic Accountancy and TaxationDepartment of Accountancy
35Certificate Couse in Applied Economic GeographyDepartment of Economics
36Certification Course in Art AppreciationFine Arts Circle
Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science and Commerce
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