Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

The distinctiveness of Guru Nanak College lies in the exceptional academic experience which offers its students various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular platforms and opportunities to shape their particular thought patterns, problem-solving capabilities and overall perception of the world. These altered mental processes transform students into unique individuals who can realise their full potential as a human being and thereby bring about social transformation as well. Let’s call such enlightened students ‘GNCiite’s, the transformed individuals who are in tune with the motto of the college, ‘Come in to Learn, and Go out to Serve’. The acronym ‘GNCiite’ can be explained as follows 


The various activities which contribute towards the attainment of these goals are as follows.

  • Academic Learning happens through use of technology and mentoring by the teachers. Students get trained in using ICT to enhance their learning experience. The Digital landscape of the college ensures that every student becomes adept at online admissions, performing cashless transactions, accessing online lectures, taking online tests and examinations and accessing online Library resources.
  • An exposure to Indian values, customs and traditions is provided through the cultural and fine arts activities. Folk dances and Costumes, art forms of Indian Origin are reflected in these activities. Traditional Days and Festivals are celebrated to propagate Indian values and a sentiment of tolerance and inclusivity which form the Indian ethos.
  • The emotional wellbeing of the students is given the utmost importance with a number of activities aimed at creating internal and external harmony among them. For instance, daily meditation sessions conducted at the beginning of lectures, help students focus on their studies. The online evening storytelling sessions provide students with the opportunities to channelize their emotions into creativity. Students with disciplinary issues are directed to the counsellor who helps them with the emotional management. The ‘GNC Helpline’ offers online counselling to those students who wish to maintain anonymity while addressing their mental health issues. Especially, during the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘GNC Helpline’ proved to be a great vehicle to ward off depression among both students and staff. Similarly, ‘Harmony: The Centre of Joy’, established during the pandemic has gone a long way in generating a sense of positivity and hope during the overall period of gloom.  
  • An Innovative mindset is developed when students engage in student research activities, complete academic projects, reach out to the community and network with Industry through collaborative programs.
  • GNC Walkathon, GNC Marathon, ‘Say No to Plastic’ drive, visit to the old age home and orphanages, distribution of blankets among the homeless people, creation of bunds in the adopted village at Panvel, are some of the service – oriented activities that develop sensitivity and empathy in students. Rotaract Club of the college reacges out to the community through service-oriented activities.
  • Students volunteered in the BMC COVID vaccination Centre in the College. Health awareness programs regarding the pandemic were arranged by students, thus exhibiting their sense of civic responsibility.
  • Values of Honesty, Integrity, Transparency as propagated by the great Sikh Gurus are instilled through the functioning of college committees. Students make plans, organise events, make budgets, mobilize funds and learn optimum utilization of resources.
  • During the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji, students participated in planting of more than 5500 saplings at Alibaug and Borivali; thereby inculcating a sense of social responsibility and eco-sensitivity among themselves and the society at large.

Thus, the term ‘GNCiite’ stands for a powerful combination of knowledge, skills and values.

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