IQAC Initiatives


IQAC Initiatives


The IQAC has been very instrumental in overall development of the college.

Some of the key initiatives taken by the IQAC for the welfare of students & staff of the college are:

1. Study Circle for students to study after library hours.

2. Incentives to Teaching staff for presenting research papers.

3. Introduction of Certificate courses.

4. Introduction of Diploma courses.

5. Research Laboratories for Social Sciences & Sciences.

6. Health Counselling for students.

7. Faculty Development programmes like Statistical Signal Processing Workshop, Workshop on "Understanding API", Workshop on "Effective Communication Teachniques" by Nimbal Foundation, Interactive Session with renowned Clinical Pyscologist Dr. Avniash D'Souza etc.


1. Introduction of B. F. M. (Bachelor of Financial Management)

2. Introduction of Sikh Study Centre

3. GNC Sports academy.