Environmental Mentoring


In the recent past there has been an immense impact of man on environment. Mankind's most urgent task is to preserve nature for our future generations. Environmental education is the need of the hour. Keeping in mind the Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and making a humble endevour towards promoting a cleaner and greener environment the Environmental Mentoring Committee was constituted. We have opted for a number of eco initiatives in order to sensitize the youth and through them the community.


1. Paper -recycling project

2. Say no to plastic bags

3. Waste segregation & Composting of solid waste

4. Solar projects

5. Tree plantation

6. E-waste management

7. GNC-BMC cleanliness drive

8. Energy audit.


1. Dr. Vijay Dabholkar - Principal

2. Dr. Meetali Dasgupta - Co-ordinator

3. Mr. Swapnil Kosalge - Member

4. Ms. Supriya Yadav - Member