Quality Policy



That as quality is a continuous year-round process, a high level of work ethics in the college is essential to pursue excellence.

That understanding the details of quality measures in all aspects of functioning of the college at all levels is crucial for wider participation.

That the college as an academic institution has a responsibility not only to the students, teachers, parents, other stakeholders but also to the society.

That education should not be equated with mechanical learning process and student development is a comprehensive and holistic process.

That students as youth constitute an important force to shape the development of the region, the state and the country.

That there could be differences in various types of endowments in the students and their families and that educational institutions’ responsibility is to contribute to amelioration of man-made and other inequities in the society.

That teachers are not mere dispensers of knowledge but are also producers and managers of knowledge.

The College will strive to:

Design and implement activity plans for quality enhancement.

Develop and successfully apply innovative practices and other quality benchmarks to various administrative and academic activities in the college.

Develop a learner-centric environment and impart quality education.

Contribute to the improvement of the academic performance and knowledge development of the students.

Promote extra and co-curricular skills amongst the students.

Inculcate moral and ethical values amongst students and staff.

Enhance the competency of the faculty members to develop both teaching and research skills.

Contribute to the social welfare in the neighbourhood through social and community services.

Encourage participation of all stakeholders in the developmental process in the college.