Rules & Regulations


1. Every student entering the library should have a college identity card. If it is lost, the librarian must be informed in writing immediately and a duplicate will be issued.

2. The identity card and the reader's ticket are non-transferable. Misusing these will invite punishment.

3. Complete silence and strict discipline must be maintained in the library.

4. Reference books and journals will be issued to students against their identity cards for reading in the library. They are not allowed to take these outside the library.

5. Students must handle books, periodicals and other reading material with utmost care. An attempt to damage these will be strictly dealt with.

6. Every student is expected to follow the instructions given on the reverse side of the reader's ticket.

7. A fine of Re. 2/- per day will be charged if a book is not submitted on its due date. In case of serious default the fine will be drastically increased. Holidays are included while calculating fine.

8. Re-issuing a book will depend upon its demand.